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So decided post some pics of my car ....this is a little time frame update from a couple months ago till now.

Thanks to parts shop max for the weld work and some awesome coilovers ! This was a pic taken the night it was complete.

My GF decided to take a couple pics for me when it came back from the shop.

Coworker took a stellar pic leaving work .

Hanging out at my buddies pad

Gonna lower her a bit more and call it a day.

Not really planning on adding anymore except maybe rebuilding the carb and what not I'm just trying to keep this as a daily. I'm planning on picking up another Corolla and putting a ma47 rear end which I should be receiving in a few weeks. Doesn't really matter which Corolla at this point but preferebly a 2dr sr5 model if possible so if anyone knows anyone pls let me know ! Hope to meet everyone and exchange some cool ideas ! oh and I'll post pics after I'm done with the lowering process.
Nice corolla thanks for sharing the pictures
The day we learn to think
very dope car
Very good looking car. I like the direction you're going.
Did you do the weld in rear coilovers?
Nice ride!
Nice looking 4 door! I would love to find one or preferably another wagon, 80-81'. Some day I will find another one. Those wheels look great on her! 8-)
Currently no old school yota for me. Own an Ae101, planning a BT swap and once that is bought, build my 7afe block for boost to convert that to a 7ageT.
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