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I have only been active in this community for less than 10 years but in that time I am seeing a change in direction of what is "collectable"...maybe it is just me but the discussions that were mainstream 10 years ago are now gone. My fear is that J tin is going by the waysiade and never to be seen again...it could happen.....can not see how but the listings on craigslist and the discussions on the forums give me great concern........I hope I am wrong and the love for the J tin classics will always raise attention.....which I think they will, but something is changing.......soon, we will find out what????????
There are lots of interest in the Z cars still. That is probably the exception because of their history here in the USA
It's still there.. just not as active of a community as it was back then. I see a buncha MX73 Cressidas roaming around my area right now looks like they're taking over the classic scene here and yeah the Datsun crew is very much alive here in Northern California. They've even gone and made 8/6 their official meet up over here lol I am torn between attending the Toyota and Datsun meet :lol:
I see it as a problem of affordability. With alot of the J-tin succumbing to rust and accidents. they're getting rare. which means demand outweighs supply, prices go up, people buy them as investments or collectibles. then that particular modification scene dies out. The youngans that make up most of the car scene now are modifying (slamming/stickering lol) cars from the noughties on from what i see.
I can go buy a 3sge beams altezza/rs200 with LSD for about nz$3500 and go fang that. whereas to buy a tidy ke25/26 now i'd be looking at 6-12k. forget buying a nice te27/ra28/rx3/240Z etc here unless you've got a spare $20k.
There's also the issue of stricter laws and law enforcement taking the fun out of it.
And now you need to be an electronics wiz to get power out of the modern car. soon it's going to be who can get the most current draw from their batteries lol.
But i'm quite glad to see the tail end of the 'JDM yo' fad.
Facebook and phone apps have killed the car forums. I really can't be bothered answering the same old questions day after day and correcting all the hearsay on FB so looks like i'll be on the forums til they fade away. :twisted:
We will see.....I hope the young and insane do not dictate what the rest of us desire for the next 10 year or what is marketable and wanted by the enthusiasts. I am stepping back with my cars and taking a breather for a year or 5. I will continue restoring my old Jtin and let the chips fall as they may. As for someone trying to get my SR5 for less than 20k.......not going to happen. when it takes 20-25k to do a proper restoration on a car like this, how can you sell it for less.....8 years and thousands of hours of labor only to be sold to some lazy. F u ....who barely has the energy to get off the couch to refill his beer......not going to happen.. there are still a very small group of people who understand and appreciate what it takes.
welll........guess what, I let my pristine 1974 turquoise metalic blue SR5 go for 18k US.......great deal for the buyer and worked for me also.....things are a changing. I have a few cars left......RT1044 2 door and a RT52, and a rt89 wagon...much more fun to be had.
Corona lover eh. Ooh that would've been a hard decision to let go a nice te27! Well done though. I struggle letting go :cry:

Just picked up a project te71 GT hardtop with ta63 IRS conversion. So will sell the TT141 I had planned to do up for track duty and put the 3tgte in the te71 instead. fun
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