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Hey guys a friend of linen has some brand new camber plates for an AE86 that he'll give me if they fit. Anyone know if they interchange?
they are not a direct bolt in due to the bolt pattern difference. ae86 have an unequal bolt spacing of the 3 chassis bolts compared to the equal spaced E3/E5 mounting. so you'll have to re drill the strut tower to make it work. The E2/E3/E5/E7 damper will fit ae86 camber plate.
Are there any TE51 camber plates out there? Picked up an AE86 GTS rear diff from the junkyard for 50 bucks! The suspension was all gone as were the front brakes.
Shouldnt be too hard to find. For instance the e3/e5/e6 was built on the same chassis. But please confirm before buying...
https://technotoytuning.com/toyota/te37 ... ber-plates
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