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I have a 3T with a T50 bellhousing, island chain racing adaptor and W58. My problem is the trans input shaft seems too short to properly sit in the pilot bearing. Anybody else had this problem?
Are there different length input shafts?
The t50 and w5# bellhousing are the same 160mm thickness. By adding the adapter it is spacing the gearbox away from the engine and shortening the driveshaft yolk travel and affecting gearbox mount alignment. I would suspect as part of the conversion you'd need to skim the gearbox end of the t50 bell? You could also mill the engine side, but not much unless you also sink the clutch fork pivot closer to the box to correct the fork angle.
If the box bolts in fine.. A quick fix could be to add a longer spigot bearing to the crank. Same inside/outside diameter but longer length
Thanks for the suggestions, I looked into a double bearing, as a quick fix. Just not sure if it is a long term solution because the bearing would only be supported for about 2/3 of its length and of course the unsupported part is where all the forces act on it.
I have heard of a few people doing this, but nobody ever mentioned this potential problem.
Anybody know the length (thickness) of a 3tgte bellhousing?
Place shims behind the pilot bearing to bring it flush with the edge of the pilot bearing housing that should get you a bit more bearing and it is still supported. The shims should not be larger than the inside diameter of the pilot bearing but the same size as the outside diameter of the bearing so nothing moves around.

Short of fly-cutting the mating surface of the bell housing here is no other way once you add the adapter unless you reduce the thickness of the adapter which may become an issue.

What is the amount of offset created by the adapter?
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