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Webers, Cam selection and Ignition upgrades.
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Hey guys I have a 82 4dr Corolla sporting the 3 speed automatic, the car is low miliage with a solid engine that shouldnt die soon, I'm looking to upgrade this car (auto to manual too)
and I just want to know if any other Toyota or similar vehicle has parts that fit (intakes and exhausts etc. from newer motors, aftermarket parts from ae86 suspension etc) I only ask this cause where I live has too much taxes to justify importing parts, but we have 6 scrapyards in town and around making used parts very cheap, any advice is appreciated
The most common engines/ cars are the ae92 Corollas, sr5 model Toyota's, 20r + 22r, occasional pre 80s Alfa Romeo (parts only, maybe some old webers) mk3 supra, Lexus (either impounded or wrecked, they're popular with rich teens in my area).
These are all very common at the scrapyards/Craigslist, if any of these could work should I bother using them as parts?
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