rear axle swaps

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Re: rear axle swaps

Post by chesmari » Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:42 pm

I did this with my TE-37

Ford 8.8 Conversion
- 95 & Up Ford Explorer
-Spare Passenger side axle to replace driver side axle in order to center the differential.
*4L10 - 4.10 Limited Slip
*3L73 - 3.73 Limited Slip

Explorer 8.8 Measurements:
Weight (complete assembly w/ brakes etc.): 174 lb.
O.D. of tubes: 3.250".
Tube thickness: .250" (some are .188”!)
Ring gear diameter: 8.800".
Ring gear bolts: 7/16" dia. (qty. 10).
Pinion diameter/splines: 1.625 / 30.
Axle shaft/splines: 1.320 / 31.
Rotor thickness (where it mounts to axle is .250").
Overall width 59.625" (the F8.8 is .950" narrower then a TJ Dana 35).
(The F-150 8.8 is drum brake and width WMS to WMS is 65.5”.)
Hole diameter for ABS sensor in top of housing: .811".
Bolt size (U-joint flange to yoke) is: 12 x 1.75 x 30 mm
Centerline of housing to C/L of pinion difference is 3.875" toward the P/S.
Pinion offset: P/S to C/L of Pinion, 27-3/4" (no rotor on axle), D/S to C/L of Pinion, 31-5/8" (no rotor on axle)

The axle shaft strength tested by Warn Ind:
F8.8= 6,500 (lb. ft.)

Cost breakdown:

JY Explorer 8.8 with posi 3.73 rear and disk brakes: $150 including calipers.
Spare passenger side axle: $15

The shop has done the following work: $600+/-

Narrowed the driver side to accommodate the spare passenger side axle. Doing so centers the diff.
Converted the wheel bolt pattern to 4x4.5 on both axles. Bought Lexus LS400 wheel studs for replacement. (axles can be custom ordered of course)
Re-drilled rotors to 4x4.5.
Welded the leaf mounts to the 8.8 from the stock rear.

Now of course it'll be different if your car doesn't have a leafspring setup like mine, you can check out this thread in

Mind you, I got this done over 5 years ago.



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Re: rear axle swaps

Post by Sd3tc » Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:02 am

I used a Toyota 7.5 rear end out of the pickups, specifically out of a 91-95.5 because the have a larger spring perch.
Toyota uses the same pinion angle in their solid rear ends so I did not use shims. the perches are wide enough that you just have to stretch the centering hole inward and get bigger ubolts to bolt it up.
I also made a custom driveshaft with truck u joints and modified one of the lower perch plates since the pickups have one shock facing forward and the other backwards.

keep in mind that most Toyota truck diffs change a little between models
the earlier models 70's-mid/late 70's were not as wide and a little smaller
from 80-90 it was the same as the one used in the Tacoma 95.5-2004
the only difference for 91-95.5 was the larger perches

there is rear disc conversions out there for these and also lockers and lsd's.

I went with this style because of the simplicity and availability and price of parts for Tacoma stuff and also its only about an inch and a half wider so it pretty much just flushed my wheels to the fender without having to narrow the rear end.

this is going on a TE31 that's mainly going to be a daily/ cruiser but they are known to be pretty solid up to 300hp
check us out at:


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Re: rear axle swaps

Post by AE25 » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:01 am

Sd3tc do you know chassis numbers for these utes with narrow 7.5" rear? we have hiluxs but are all 8". can get liteace ute but not seen one in wreckers to measure yet. the only other 4stud F series 7.5" are ra28, ma46 or some 2wd liteace van (yr22 & cr29). but all are pretty scarce and wider than the E2 diffs.

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