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i contacted the company and can still get these headers.

the email response is as follows:

"We do still have tooling for our THY-513Y-C headers. You already know that we do not stock these headers any longer due to the low demand for them. Like you suggested though, if the demand was created in a group buy scenario we would manufacture them again.

In order to allow me to release a manufacturing order to run the headers, I would need to have definitive interest from a minimum of 15 customers. By definitive, I mean that I would need to have orders placed with credit card numbers held until the headers are ready to ship. We would then of course contact all customers to inform everyone that they are shipping & cards will be charged.

We can do the headers for $399 each. Let me know what you think."


"Yes, the header are CARB exempt under EO #D-200-7

What would probably easiest, and most secure for everyone, is once you get above 10 (remember, I can justify manufacturing them to the owner until I hit 15 minimum) people email me a list of names with contact information. We will then contact everyone to get complete contact information & payment details"

here is a picture of said header

They come Silver Ceramic Coated, and are 14 gauge mild steel with a 3/8" flange which is their standard for 99% of their headers.

so please respond to this thread and I will make a list of people to see where were at and will relay any messages i get from them


1.Nathan 82te72 HR/3tcgarage
2. Gabe Nudriftr HR
3. daniel
4. rich
5. adam
6. eric
7. gordon
8. Tayrolla

feel free to post anywhere else to so we can try to get as much interest as possible.
the HR post will be updated the most frequenty because thats what i mostly visit.

heres the link

what is special about this particulair hearders ?? seems the most wanted ?
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BOBLOOK wrote: what is special about this particulair hearders ?? seems the most wanted ?

good design, fit 71-74 corolla's. Also from what i have heard they fit 3tc to ae86 chassis but i cannot confirm. 4-2-1 for more low end rather than the typical style 4-1 as seen everywhere.
They dont fit AE86 chassis with 3tc whatsoever.
BOBLOOK wrote: what is special about this particulair hearders ?? seems the most wanted ?

The Price, :roll: :roll: :roll: way too high for what it is.
$400??!! Probably $425-$450 by the tome its shipped?!?!?! Damn man, that just seems like allot of $$.

It really sucks when a company exploits the situation like this.

Just out of principle I wouldn't buy one of these headers n would rather pay a good fab guy to make me a custom header even of it costs more.

To each his own, no disrespect to those that will pay it, just expressing my opinion.
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Yeah we were really hoping for something more like $275 shipped but $399 was the price given to us. Most custom header shops charge $400 at a minimum, I just wish for this price they were using stainless steel instead of mild.
Are these CARB legal? If they are legal in CA and have a CARB EO number, I'm in!
i emailed them yesterday asking the question, Im still awaiting response. If i dont hear anything by tomorrow ill email them again.
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