95-99 Eclipse front Strut Bar onto 1980 TE72 Corolla

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95-99 Eclipse front Strut Bar onto 1980 TE72 Corolla

Post by bubbajohnson » Fri Apr 09, 2021 10:28 pm

I recently read about how the 95-99 Mitsubeishi Eclipse Strut tower bar would fit TExx Corollas which have the 100mm triangular shaped top hats. It works on my 1980 TE72, but will not work on the 81-83's as they have a different stud spacing. I've read but not confirmed you can use this bar on those cars IF you drill a new hole for 3rd stud. Anyway; here is a short video I took showing the finished install. I used a Megan Racing bar, the part number for this strut brace is MR-SB-ME95FU-G. It is commonly available on Ebay for around $60 SHIPPED! A cheap and easy upgrade, https://youtu.be/ed7T2UVcbkQ


- Rich

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