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Post question & Frequently common parts that you find that fit but weren't supposed to-include the parts numbers if where possible.
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BOBLOOK wrote:
Toyota1515 wrote: I do use the 1989 US specs Toyota Tercel struts insert, a little shorter than the SW20 ones!

How much " shorter are those ?

Are they also adjustable ?

About inch and a half, and no the ones i use are not, I never look for adjustable ones whatsoever, the 90% of the guys i see with adjustable front shocks after a conversion like this just go for the hard setup and forget about them, so why should i look for adjustability? anyway the only adjustment u get from them is from soft to hard, and the 98% of the guys who do this setup is just for looks not for function, :roll: That is why i dont care about adjustability, the Tercel ones have being proven to low 7 seconds on the 1/4 mile by most of the racers in PR back in the day, now they use Strange struts, cuz they are getting in the 6's :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I thought the reason why they leave it is the pain needed to demount everything to adjust them :D
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