3sgte Hilux

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3sgte Hilux

Post by Crazyjack »

I’m trying to build a 1975 Toyota hilux for drag racing
I have a 3sgte with 3vz/5vz bellhousing to series transmission.
I’m looking to swap rear axles but all the axles I have found are too wide.
I’m hoping to reach 9 seconds in a quarter mile when it’s all done
If anyone else is doing the same thing id like to get some help.
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Re: 3sgte Hilux

Post by BOBLOOK »

Welcome !

Hilux Rn20 axle are strong used of than in Australia big power rotary's

Why you want to swap axle ? 8.8 are heavier
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Re: 3sgte Hilux

Post by AE25 »

Considering the hilux doesn't have that much weight in the rear, you may find the stock 8" will get you into the 9's without issue. Can buy off the shelf full spool and a wide range of ratios available. Are you doing a multilink diff and wanting better reliability with a bigger diff? You lose power to the ground with bigger heavier diffs etc.
My '84 YN57 has a 5 lug 8" for reference. Cant remember exactly the width but was around 1450mm drum to drum?
Im not a drag racer but i believe if you're going to all the effort of upgrading from the toyota 8", the next step is a custom ford 9"?
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