Tail and stop fuse problem....

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Tail and stop fuse problem....

Post by baldo » Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:03 am

Soooo..... Every now and then from time to time the dash lights and tail lights wont work. After checking, every time I found out it was a blown fuse. Never thought anything about it until I started upgrading the alt and wiring and looking at the manual. I did the headlight upgrades and now the only problem I had was the tail lights again. The amps were low so I checked to see if I was just paranoid or something.... nope. The fuse was melted and when I pulled it out (giggity) the metal stayed connected. So here is what I found out and the light bulb came on. It says its supposed to have a 10 amp fuse. Those are the ones that are always blowing up. But... in the manual it says its supposed to have a 15 amp fuse. :? Soooo with that said, do you guys think its a manufacturers fault, or is a manual miss print? I have the Haynes manual.
I know you are not supposed to put a higher fuse because the wiring can burn, but at the same time, if its the wrong fuse that will make it blow right? So the tail and stop fuses say 10 amps in the car cover but 15 amps in the book. Anybody running both 15 amps already?

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Re: Tail and stop fuse problem....

Post by BOBLOOK » Sat Oct 08, 2016 3:33 pm

Blow fuse in an sign for short circuit ! Early i use to found short in the light sockets ! did you checked those?
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